Immersive Workforce Collaboration Platforms are Undergoing a Metamorphosis in the Metaverse

Once Upon a Spacetime The future of immersive enterprise workforce collaboration in VR is the metaverse. It’s all about getting rid of those pesky office walls and desks, and replacing them with a virtual world that you can access from anywhere. With applications like Slack or Skype, we have been able to work remotely for…


How will the Metaverse change the future of work?

What will the future of work be like? In this blog post, we will explore the metaverse and how it could change the future of work. In a metaverse world, people can create their own virtual reality environments to do anything from play games to work, socialize with friends or even develop new ideas. The…


Where VR meetings are heading in a decade and the future of immersive collaboration from wifi

It’s not often that virtual reality initiatives are met with such enthusiasm or the need for virtual collaboration is so great as during these post pandemic times. Enter VR collaboration meeting mode! Since virtual meetings were introduced in January 2016, there have been a lot of exciting features released and positive feedback from users around…


Corporate VR Platform Meetings in 2021: Why are we still doing it old-school?

Corporate VR Platform Meetings in 2021: Why are we still doing it old-school? Back to all blogs In 2021, meeting participants wear headsets that allow them to fully immerse in virtual reality meetings. A VR platform meeting will change the way we interact with other people and present ideas to one another-it’s all just a…

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'"I lost my concept of time - 15 minute standup turned into an hour of fun. Please add wrist watches so we can keep tab of time in there, it's too much fun!"'

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