Build your metaverse in < 10 min using AI on Villa


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Build this in < 10 min

Hello Villa Superhuman!

Now you can build Metaverses in < 10 minutes. Watch how:

Generative AI Art over Villa – this is fun!

Building worlds on Villa is easy, fast, but most importantly – fun. Once you build a world, you can publish it and host up to thousands simultaneously in VR. In this post we’ll show you step by step how. Come experience it first hand by installing Villa and taking it on a free spin.

First, Launch Villa on your on your Quest 2, Quest 3, or Quest Pro (if you’re new, install it for free first, you can also take it for a free spin). Important: To build meta verses that can be saved and published, first create you account by following directions in app.

Launch Villa on Quest

Go into one of the 10 Villas you get when you subscribe, or purchase a 1×1 mile over the in app game Galactica, then dictate what to spawn.

Dictate to Spawn

In this example, we dictated “neon” and “gallery” using dictation AI and chose objects that suited our event (there are hundreds of thousands of free options to choose from)

Neon Gallery

Next we used the generative AI feature to generate AI art

Dictate AI Prompts

And this is what it ended up looking like while dictating

Generate AI Art

Once we created a bunch of art, we arranged it

Arrange your AI Art

Simply grab and snap into place any object (like art) into another object (like a gallery wall)


In this way we were able to build a thrilling environment in less than 10 min. But that’s not it. Scroll down for the punchline…

Build this in < 10 min

And now we were able to broadcast this event up to thousands simultaneously in VR over Villa using the Host a Broadcast feature

Now host up to thousands in VR

Easy peasy? We hope to see you in one of our happy hours. Please join Villa – we can’t wait to personally meet you and see your creativity unleash in VR. Remember you need no coding skills whatsoever. Come unleash your creativity within with AI on Villa. It’s fun, energizing, and will net you the most thrilling meetings you’ve ever hosted whether for socials, work, meetups or conferences.