Villa AI Creates, You Command: Half-Off Villa’s 1km³ Virtual World Parcels!


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Villa: AI Creation & Collaboration

Greetings Villa subscriber,

Welcome to our latest adventure at Villa! Are you ready to step into the shoes of a creator and own a slice of the virtual universe? With Galactica, we’ve made it easier than ever. In this newsletter, we’re taking you through a magical journey of building your dream virtual world, hosting vibrant events, and even turning a profit from your creations. Dive in to discover how Villa can transform your VR experience.

1: Create Your Dream World with Ease

Galactica empowers you to build breathtaking virtual landscapes, bustling metropolises, or fantastical realms, all through simple dictation and intuitive AI. Imagine crafting worlds that were once just a figment of your imagination, now rendered in stunning detail and fully immersive. And for a limited time, our parcels are 50% off! Don’t miss this opportunity to start building with a bang.

Watch: How to Build Your Dream Virtual World on Galactica featuring an innovative use of AI in VR tech –

AI is everywhere on Villa today. You probably noticed everything is dictation enabled. Want to build a world? Dictate to spawn! Want to create art? Describe your imagination, and watch as magic ensues. Want to learn a new language or subject, or even how to code? Ask Villa’s AI.

2: Host, Exhibit, and Sell

Your Galactica world is not just a creation; it’s a destination. Host meetings, private exhibitions, or public tours guided by your very own AI companions. Then, when you’re ready, you can list your world for sale. This isn’t just about earning Villa coins; it’s about sharing your vision with the Villa community and beyond. Your creativity could be the next big hit!

How To Setup Conversation AI for AI led Intros, classes, support, reminder:

Setting up your personalized AI Conversations is a breeze:

a. Create or log into your Villa web account (note: If you’re an Instant user, simply create your account, logout in VR from Settings and use the 5 digit code to link your account to VR. Having trouble? reply to this email and we’ll walk you through this step)

b. Use the ‘Conversations’ feature to craft your AI script.

c. Implement it in your Villa and watch as your AI host brings your world to life.

Versatile Applications for All Users

Imagine greeting visitors with a tailored message in your virtual HQ Villa, conducting interactive tutorials in educational Villas, or setting up engaging narratives in gaming worlds. With Villa’s Conversation AI, the possibilities are limitless. Customize your AI to fit your unique needs and make every virtual encounter memorable.

Need ideas while building in VR? Use Villa’s AI Art generator and dictate some for some ideas

3: Exclusive Deals and More!

As part of our commitment to our creators, we’re excited to offer you the chance to dive into Galactica with exclusive deals. Not only are parcels currently half off, but subscribing to our Annual Unlimited package unlocks $183 in bonuses and AI credits. It’s our way of saying thank you and ensuring you have all the tools you need to succeed in Villa’s ever-expanding universe.

🚀 The frontier of virtual reality is just a click away. Whether you’re a seasoned VR explorer or just starting out, Villa and Galactica offer a canvas for your imagination like no other. Ready to start your journey? Click below to watch our detailed guide on making the most of Galactica and see just how far your creativity can take you.

Watch Our Guide and Start Building Today!

Final Note: Experience the Latest in VR

Villa continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in VR. Whether you’re a long-time user or new to our community, these updates are designed to enrich your VR experience. Launch Villa on your VR device today and see how these new features can revolutionize your virtual world experiences!

And while these super detailed renditions are AI Art on Villa, you can and should expect in the very near future to be able to match this in 3D world creation on Villa as we’re heading there in light speed. But even for now, the level of detail is up to you really, we supply you with the tools to create your dreams. On our Zen Island, we opted for low poly and highly optimized world, which fits best into Quest 3. But you’re in command and you can certainly pick models that are higher in polygons for your worlds.

PS: Selling your Villa Galactica Parcel? Don’t forget to pick a price. Remember this is all in Villa coins, which adds 2 zeros at the end, so $70 is 7000 coins. Once someone buys your Virtual World Galactica parcel from you – you earn these coins, and you can redeem them like cash on Villa for premium experiences

How To Buy Galactica Parcels on Villa? Simply launch Villa, pick a subscription (even the 7 days free trial subscription, though we recommend the annual which comes PACKED with $183 in bonuses and AI credits). Currently new parcels are selling at 50% off. Launch Villa, look for “Play Galactica” on the main menu, pick your parcels to visit, buy, and build!

Until next time, with a huge thank you to our amazing community of AI * VR fans, creators, and supporters.

Team Villa

PS: Don’t forget to set your Conversation AI on your new virtual world you created, so you can properly greet your users. Here’s how to setup Conversation AI